Chatr APN Settings for iPhone and Android Internet 4G/5G 2024

Chatr is a mobile virtual network operator that offers affordable prepaid wireless plans in Canada. It uses the Rogers network to provide its services, which means that customers can expect reliable coverage across the country.

What are APN settings?

APN stands for Access Point Name. It’s a set of parameters that allow your phone to connect to the internet using your carrier’s network. Every carrier has its own APN settings, and if they’re not configured correctly, you may experience slow or no internet connection.

How to set up Chatr APN settings on Android

Here are the steps you need to follow to configure Chatr APN settings on your Android device:

  1. Open the Settings app on your Android device
  2. Select “More” under Wireless and networks
  3. Select “Mobile networks”
  4. Select “Access Point Names”
  5. Tap the “+” icon to create a new APN

Now, you need to enter the following Chatr APN settings:

NameChatr Internet
ProxyNot set
PortNot set
UsernameNot set
PasswordNot set
ServerNot set
MMSCNot set
MMS proxyNot set
MMS portNot set
Authentication typeNot set
APN typedefault,supl
APN protocolIPv4

How to set up Chatr APN settings on iPhone

If you have an iPhone, here’s how you can configure Chatr APN settings:

  1. Go to Settings > Cellular
  2. Select “Cellular Data Network”
  3. Enter the following Chatr APN settings:
Configurar APN Bell Canadá: Internet 4G LTE 5G en Android y iOS 2024
UsernameNot set
PasswordNot set

Configuring Chatr APN settings on your smartphone is a straightforward process. By making sure you have the correct settings, you can enjoy fast and reliable internet connection on your device.

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